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Land Cadaster Section:
Service scope: Land registration, cadastral administration, land administration agent and real estate broker management, land right restriction, rental and administration of public cultivated land, tenancy dispute of the Arable Land Rental Reduction to 37.5% System, Conciliation Committee on Real Estate Dispute, administration of un-registered and inherited land and building and other land and building registration related services.

Land Survey Section:
Service scope: Land revision survey, building survey, boundary re-verification, cadastral map resurvey, Conciliation Committee on Resurvey and Boundary Disputes, satellite positioning survey, encrypted and control survey, development and application of Geographic Information System, maintenance and administration of the survey system, land development and farmland readjustment survey, regulation of the survey and mapping industry and other survey related services.

Information Management and Land Value Section:
Service scope: Land value assessment, land value appraisal, land value and constructional improvement assessment, current land value announcement, real estate appraiser management, computerized land administration service management, training, case study and other land value and land information related services.

Land Use Section: Service scope:
Land expropriation, appropriation of public land, assignment and management of non-urban planned land, district land use change process (review of regional plan) and other land use related services.

Zone Expropriation Section: Service scope:
Zone expropriation, and zone expropriation services of the Tainan City Equalization of Land Rights Funds.

Land Readjustment Section: Service scope:
Land redevelopment, supervision and review on the owner applied land redevelopment inquiry, implementation of the Tainan City Equalization of Land Rights Funds.

Farmland Readjustment Section:
Service scope: Development, management and maintenance of farmland and rural community readjustment zone, farm-road and waterway renovation project of farmland readjustment zone and other farmland readjustment related service.

Development Engineering Section:
Handle land expropriation, construction planning, design, contracting construction, acceptance, and management transferring of public facilities within urban land consolidation zones.

Secretariat: Service scope:
Document control, seals, file archive, legal affairs, research, development and evaluation, general affairs, procurement, cashiering, property management, public relation, media contact and services not offered by other offices or sections.

Civil Service Ethics Office:

  • Discovery and whistle-blowing of corrupt officials and illegal acts
  • Safekeeping confidential official information of our center
  • Prevention of damages or destructions, as well as the registration of civil servants’ property
  • Management of the policies and regulations of government ethics
  • Promotion of the policies and regulations of government ethics
  • Suggestions related to government ethics reform
  • Suggestions related to awards and sanctions of staffs who promote or violate government ethics
  • Prevention of corrupt officials and illegal acts

Accounting Office:
Handling business concerning the annual budget and the final accounts of the bureau, preparing accounting reports of the bureau, taking charge of budget control and the review of original certificate and vouchers, reviewing and compiling statistical reports.

Personnel Office: Service scope:
This unit is responsible for the personnel affairs of the department. It handles appointments, discharges, transfers, evaluations, punishments, rewards, training, continuing education, retirement, relief, welfare, and other similar personnel management affairs.