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Tainan County and Tainan City merged on December 25, 2010 and became a single municipality, and the Department of Land Administration of the Tainan County and City were combined to become the Bureau of Land Administration, Tainan City and a grade one bureau. The bureau is headed by the Director-General and there are a total of 250 employees (including advisors) working at this bureau. They are Deputy Director-General, Chief Secretary, Assistant Director-general, Section Chief, Director, Secretary, Specialist, Senior Specialist, Subsection Chief, Officer, Technician, Assistant, Associate Technician, Senior Clerk and Clerk, etc.

For bureau organization, besides the Personnel Office, Accounting Office, Government Ethics Office and Secretariat, eight sections are set to offer convenient services: Land Cadaster Section, Land Survey Section, Information Management and Land Value Section, Land Use Section, Zone Expropriation Section, Land Readjustment Section, Farmland Readjustment Section and Development Engineering Section. Under them, there are 11 land offices: Tainan Land Office, Dong-Nan Land Office, An-Nan Land Office, Sinhua Land Office, Yongkang Land Office, Gueiren Land Office, Jiali Land Office, Madou Land Office, Yanshuei Land Office, Baihe Land Office and Yujing Land Office.