Property Rights of New Immigrants ‧ Implementation Plan of Happy Homeland Protection
Plan Origin

Since the proportion of new immigrants in Taiwan has gradually increased, there are people frequently consulting on problems about the inheritance, purchase and sale of real estate in Taiwan by foreign spouses, foreigners, and people from the Chinese mainland. The regulations and procedures for foreigners to acquire real estate in Taiwan are drastically different from those of Taiwanese. Whether the new immigrants have acquired the nationality of Taiwan or whether their home countries are listed as countries of complete equality and reciprocity in accordance with Article 18 of the Land Act, it is greatly different in the qualification of acquiring rights and interests of real estate in Taiwan. In order to implement social care services for new immigrants and enhance their understanding of the stipulations of rights and interests of real estate in Taiwan, this plans aims to adopt localized and customized services to promote multicultural publicity and rights advocacy, so that new immigrants can obtain more rights and protection, achieve the recognition and attention of social multiculturalism, and boost the sound development of real estate transactions.

Handling Offices

(1) Organizer: Bureau of Land Administration, Tainan City Government and local land offices.

(2) Co-organizer: Bureau of Education, Tainan City Government and Social Affairs Bureau, Tainan City Government.

new immigrants, their families and local people.

(1) To promote the protection of the property rights and interests of diverse ethnic groups, and practice caring for new immigrants, thereby creating a multicultural society.
(2) To promote the popularization of real estate knowledge, supplemented by the comparison of procedures for the acquisition of real estate by natives and foreigners, publicize the transfer registration procedures for inheritance, sale, gift, etc. and the legal knowledge of leasing, and protect the property rights and interests of new immigrants.
(3) To enhance the knowledge and awareness of new immigrant groups and community associations, strengthen the publicity of various land administration and convenience measures for the people, and expand to new immigrant families and communities, thereby effectively assist the new immigrants to integrate into the social life of Taiwan.
(4) Combining schools, community groups and land administration resources, to teach new immigrants about their own rights and interests, and improve their knowledge of laws and regulations and the protection of rights and interests in Taiwan through experience sharing and exchange of opinions held by handling offices, so as to achieve balanced use of social resources.

Implementation Measures

1) Implementation Projects:

(1) Implement customized appointment services for new immigrants, and arrange special personnel to provide consultation services of registration laws, measurement and revision, land price and lease rights and interests, etc. during the appointment service period, so that new immigrants can enjoy a full range of services.
(2) Combining with the New Immigrants Family Service Centers and New Immigrants Community Service Groups of this city, provide appointment interpreter services for land administration laws and regulations to meet the needs of new immigrants.
(3) With affairs such as the acquisition of real estate by foreigners, the right of inheritance in Taiwan, and the laws and regulations on the transfer of real estate, officers of local land offices will go to the new immigrants community service bases, classes, life adaptation classes, and learning centers in their jurisdictions. Elementary, junior and high schools, and community centers will explain the common knowledge of land administration and various convenience measures to simplify administration for the people, and achieve the effect of publicity.

2) Implementation Methods:

(1) For the appointment acceptance services and interpreter services, the section manager will assign a case officer to contact the applicant to make an appointment for the consultation date and time (see Attachment 1).
(2) In combination with schools, community groups for new immigrants, or in cooperation with relevant new immigrant activities in the jurisdiction, handle the affairs related to land administration laws and various convenience measures to simplify administration for the people.

3) Local land offices will make an publicity and promotion on the website and establish a special service area for new immigrants, providing a collection of questions related to the acquisition of the rights and interests of real estate by new immigrants as well as links to relevant social welfare websites for new immigrants to understand their own rights and interests.

Date of Enforcement
This plan will be implemented after verification. If there are uncovered matters, this plan can be amended at any time.

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