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Tainan County and Tainan City merged on December 25, 2010 and became a single municipality, and the Department of Land Administration of the Tainan County and City were combined to become the Land Administration Department, Tainan City and a Grade One Department. The department is headed by the Director-General and there are a total of 94 employees (including advisors) working at this department. They are Deputy Director-General, Chief Secretary, Assistant Director-general, Section Chief, Director, Secretary, Specialist, Senior Specialist, Subsection Chief, Officer, Technician, Assistant, Associate Technician, Senior Clerk and Clerk, etc.


For department organization, besides the Personnel Office, Accounting Office, Government Ethics Office and Secretariat, seven sections are set to offer convenient services: Land Cadaster Section, Survey Section, Land Value Information Section, Land Use Section, Zone Expropriation Section, Land Readjustment Section and Farmland Readjustment Section. Under them, there are 11 land offices: Tainan Land Office, Dong-Nan Land Office, An-Nan Land Office, Sinhua Land Office, Yongkang Land Office, Gueiren Land Office, Jiali Land Office, Madou Land Office, Yanshuei Land Office, Baihe Land Office and Yujing Land Office.

Zone Expropriation Section

1.Completed zone expropriation projects:
(1)Degao zone expropriation project.
(2)Anping waterscape park zone expropriation.
(3)Yongkang District Daciao zone expropriation project.
(4)Tainan Science-based Industrial Park special area (development areas L and M) zone expropriation project.
2.Current zone expropriation projects:
(1)China Town and Canal Nova special area zone expropriation project.
(2)Yongkang Artillery School relocation and Creative Design Park development zone expropriation project.
(3)The South Tainan Station secondary downtown area phase one development zone expropriation project.
(4)Sinshih District Sinheshenei  zone expropriation project.
(5)Heshunliao Farm zone expropriation project.
3.Planning zone expropriation projects:
(1) Yanghang Junior High School of Yongkang District zone expropriation project.

Land Readjustment Section

1.Completed land consolidation projects:
(1)South District Shueijiaoshe land consolidation project.
(2)Annan District Jioufenzih land consolidation project.
2.Ongoing land consolidation projects:
(1)East District Pingshih military base land consolidation project.
(2)Yongkang District Yongkang logistics zone land consolidation project.
(3) Jiali District Jiali Elementary School land consolidation project.
3.Planned land consolidation projects:
(1) Madou District Madou industrial zone land consolidation project.
(2) North District Sianfong land consolidation project.

Development Engineering Section

Handle land expropriation, construction planning, design, contracting construction, acceptance, and management transferring of public facilities within urban

land consolidation zones. Current projects are the following:
1.Zone expropriation projects:
(1)South Tainan Station secondary downtown area phase one zone expopriation project (currently undergoing acceptance).
(2)Yongkang Artillery School relocation and Creative Design Park zone expopriation project (currently in the planning phase).
2.Urban land consolidation projects:
(1)Tainan Jioufenzih land consolidation project phase one (consolidation engineering and project acceptance completed).
(2)Tainan Pingshih military base phase two land consolidation project, excluding construction sites in Central Park (currently undergoing  land consolidation

(3)Tainan Singying District bus passenger transit center phase three land consolidation project (currently undergoing land consolidation engineering).
(4)Tainan Yongkang logistics and transit zone phase four land consolidation project  (currently in the planning phase).
(5)Tainan Jiali Elementary School phase five land consolidation project  (currently in the planning phase).
(6)Tainan Singying District Changsheng military base phase five land consolidation project (currently in the planning phase).

Land Consolidation Section

Policy Focus:
1.Apply for subsidy to increase the areas of improvement for agricultural roads and irrigation cannals in early farmland consolidation zones, improve

agricultural roads and irrigation cannals in early farmland consolidation zones, and increase the agricultural management productivity.
2. Improve gravel-level agricultural roads that require repairs or paving, and dirt road earth drainage facilities in farmlands that completed land

consolidation after 1971 that need to be upgraded to rectangular cannals reinforced with retaining walls. Also broaden agricultural roads to improve traveling

safety for farmers, reducing agricultural product transportation costs and increasing revenue.
3.Conduct rural community land consolidation, handle cadastral organization and land consolidation engineering, install green landscaping for rural communities,

activate rural vitalization, and supervise management teams that took over the completed land consolidation projects to manage and maintain public facilities

and to enhance green landscaping.

Land Cadaster Section

Cooperate with the Ministry of the Interior in phase two of cadastre clearance, process applications for cadastre clearance based on the Cadastral Clearance

Act, process sales and requests for nationalization of lands with unknown owners, and reduces registrations without the landowner’s ID numbers, to strengthen

cadastre management and facilitate effective land use.

Land Survey Section

Policy Focus:
1.Resurvey the cadastral map of Tainan city to clarify the cadastral data and to protect people’s property rights.
2.Establish sectional management of cadastral maps to integrate cadastres and improve value-added applications of land information.
3.Enhance geographic information services and the effectiveness of graphic displays. Also, increase the compatibility of the new operating system and improve

information security.
4.Ensure the precision of surveying instruments and graphic equipment to increase the quality of land resurveying and ensuring the accuracy of boundary

verification, so that property disputes can be prevented.
5.Continually observe crustal movement and regularly updating fixed-station E-GPS coordinates to improve positioning accuracy.

Land Valuation Section

1.Handle land information system updates and maintenance, and replacement of old equipment.
2.Enhance information services and develop a convenient operating system program to enhance service efficiency.
3.Implement the information security operation plan, conduct education and training, and introduce ISMS certification to strengthen information security work.
4.Assess land value benchmarks and provide a land value index.
5.Adjust current land value and make scheduled announcements.
6.File historic land value for public inquiries.
7.Assess normal value for land expropriation and provide reasonable compensation to protect the interests of the land owners.
8.Expose and check actual price registration, provide a real estate transaction pricing information inquiry service, and promote real estate transaction

information transparency.

Land Use Section

Process land acquisition for public infrastructure (including communications, water conservation, and development plans – e.g. Sinji Industrial Park

Development Plan), promote benefits of urban development, and enhance the environment quality.

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